The shutter of our neighbour

Project with unexpected outcome, 2012.


In Leuven, Belgium, some friends and me used to live in a very sad neighbourhood.The busy causeway had a small sidewalk and most people kept their shutters closed all day. I regret since years the tendency to close the facades and to live in our own ‘capsules’. So I imagined me painting all blinds of the street.

I ringed the bell of my neighbour and met a sequestered man. He used to be a famous comedian and was loved by a remarkeable friend. I made some sketches, that he didn’t like, I tried again with a painting, that he didn't like... I gave up. After a month of silence I found an ID photo of him 20 years ago in my mailbox. I painted it on a small piece of wood and droped it in his mailbox. A week later, he knocked our door, with flowers, and nicely cut hair. We drunk a tea and talked about the neighbourhood.