Fascination for double door

-from one side, there is always access

-from the other side, there is only access if someone on the other side left the door open

Safe haven

Installation in the framework of 'Spaces of (in)security' (project by Caroline Momo)

Probably around 5m X 5m X 3m


Design for a door pavilion, where strangely staggered doors induce a game of accessibility. Privacy is possible in some of the rooms if all conditions are well: if one went through the right process of opening and closing certain doors.



Exhibition in Petit Chateau, asylum centre in Brussels

August 2016

Sabrina Fernandez invited me to exhibit in the Free Floating Gallery. As a volunteer in the asylum centre 'Petit Chateau' in Brussels, helping the recognised refugees to find an apartment in Belgium by searching immo-websites and calling house owners, I thought about testing out this door principle again.

The box was installed during a month in parallel with the computer, facing the refugees that were 'client' in the office of 'orientation'.

One day when I was working there a man from Bagdad closed the box pointedly and said: 'I don't like this thing: it is a bad design. It is not right.' I started to explain the principle. 'Yes, yes, I understand the thing: you can only access if both doors are open,' moving his hands to illustrate. 'But simply the starting point of the whole thing is wrong. Doors are not open.'

The following days the free floating gallery stayed closed.