Meeting on the in-between
Installation in the framework of 'Spaces of (in)security' (project by Caroline Momo)
2 X seat of 80cm x 50cm x100cm;
or a total of 10 stanchions

The wall seems to be the ultimate form of at the same time
security and insecurity: it symbolises on the one hand shelter, and on the other hand inaccessibility.

Fences are the walls of public space,

but its ‘semi-openness’

stresses the access refusal, loosens the invitation for people to find support against it.

This variation-on-a-fence invites people to turn their back to the place they can see but not access. People can sit and find shelter in the fence, looking over the place that is accessible for them, offering the possibility to not be in the middle of it.
If someone from the other side does the same, both people can meet on the in-between. The semi-openness of the fence-structure suddenly turns into the possibility to take each other’s hand and meet in an intimate position.

The work is designed in the way that it can substitute an existing fence in public space, eg. Parc des Bastions Geneva.