Many thanks to Koen Monard and Sarah Margnetti.

Also to Nico, Roel, Jan, Mortimer, Giel, Leen, Gilles, Dave, Bieke, Ward, Robin, Boudewijn, Wouter, Bram, Wouter, Ramin, Tom, Alix, Ignace, papa, moeke, Anne-Sofie, Edwina, Reinout, Celina, Jens, Klaas, Han, Tijl, Katrien, Mart, Lucas, Pieter, Toon, Thomas...


a piece of ungesellige geselligkeit

4m height, 9,6m large

FOR RENT in 2017 and 2018

Once my father was desperately searching for a stage for a small music festival in the village,

Once my mother was desperately searching for a job for her artistic daughter,

At the same time a friend from a circus company finds a kiosk of a carousel on a 2nd hand website.

You meet the owners (2 generations) and are moved by their love and care for this old piece of woodwork.

And then you have to decide in one night to buy it or not.


No special place to research, no social injustice to fight against, just fun. Damn.

Hours of rethinking and rebuilding. Why, for whom, nice or not nice? Let's do strange things, unsocial social things, as Kant taught us.

Sarah Margnetti can paint marble.

Koen Monard can do Norwegian woodwork.

I like Islamic patterns and mechanic things.

Jan Peyls wants to do jonglerie, when he finds time.

To be continued, for sure.